What We Do

Mission Statement


To help so  many that have so little

What We Believe


We believe that God loved us so much that he sent his one and only son to die on the cross to cover for our sins. We believe that on the third day he rose again and was seen by his disciples. We also believe that no one comes to the Father without a belief in Jesus Christ. 

What We Are About


Please know that this site and all of the sales, events, and programs within it are for the sole purpose of raising money for Mission and Outreach here locally and around the world. The Vine.co is a non for profit company that has no administrative over head. 

To Understand Why

How It All Started


Samantha and I, both coming to a saving relationship with Christ later in life, were still learning what it meant to truly have a "heart for God" when we decided to participated in our first "high- impact" Mission Trip to Nicaragua. It was on that trip that we first understood the critical sense of urgency to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups. It was also on this first trip, as we ministered to the poorest people that we had ever encountered, that we knew in our hearts that we needed to do something more to find a way to help more people reach out in ministry through Mission work.

Rick and Samantha Reed 

Samantha Reed


Rick Reed


How it all started

Our first Mission Trip to Nicaragua